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Gordon Chalmers
12-07-1998, 07:01 AM
To Biomch-l,

I need a single axis goniometer to report wrist flexion/extension angle
while other measurements are being done on forearm musculature, as a
subject does slow wrist flexion/extension, and the rest of the arm and body
are not moving.

I searched the archives and found most of the previous discussion on
goniometers to be centered around Biometrics (formerly Penny & Giles)
goniometers and a few comments about other possible suppliers. Due to the
limited movements (directions and speeds) I have planned I hope that I can
measure joint position with a less expensive option than those available
commercially. It seems relatively simple to build a goniometer for a
single axis using a high quality rotary potentiometer and a power supply.
Only 2 comments in the archives discussed this possibility. One said it is
easy to build such a goniometer (but that student's e-mail no longer works,
so I can't get details), and one that says he tried, but it didn't work.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments they would be appreciated.
One point I have already come across is whether a transformer based power
supply is constant enough, or if a higher quality power supply (producing
less fluctuation in supply voltage) is needed.

Gordon Chalmers

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