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12-08-1998, 10:52 AM
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>From: Jeff Broker
>Subject: USOC Biomechanics Program - A Response
> Dear Interested Parties:
> A message posted on this list September 25, 1998 by Jack
> (titled "employment question") queried the readership concerning
> possibilities in biomechanics. In the message, Mr. Sujovolsky
asked how
> the USOC can offer a position for a Masters graduate in
biomechanics for
> "only $16k for a year, with no benefits or housing."
> I was going to respond to Mr. Sujovolsky and the list with an
> of our program, which he misrepresented. I then realized,
however, that
> we are days away from posting our 1999/2000 Research Assistant
(RA) job
> openings - and thus thought I'd wait and let the announcement
speak for
> itself. Unbeknown to me, until yesterday, one of our RAs
responded to Mr.
> Sujovolsky - defending the USOC program on behalf of four USOC RAs
> biomechanists and two exercise physiologists). She told me they
were all
> somewhat insulted by the comments made, and that she outlined the
> benefits of the RA program in her response.
> Then, yesterday, Mr. Sujovolsky posted a summary of replies to his
> original question. This summary was quite disturbing to many of
us at the
> USOC, due to its negativism toward our organization in particular,
and the
> biomechanics field in general. To make matters worse, Mr.
> apparently elected to NOT include the response put forth by our
> Further, a particularly inflammatory response was posted, authored
by Dr.
> Gordon Chalmers, attacking me personally.
> I recognize that people are free to say whatever they like, but
the issues
> raised by Mr. Sujovolsky and Dr. Chalmers deserve comment.
> First, the USOC Sport Science RA program offers Masters level or
> graduates in biomechanics (as well as exercise physiology and
> psychology) one to two year appointments. The salary is $19.7K a
> with full medical/dental and insurance benefits (one of the best
> packages going). Housing is not provided (the Training Center is
> full capacity with coaches and athletes).
> The two positions offered each year are, in essence, "post-doc"
> opportunities for Masters level biomechanists. These positions
are highly
> competitive. Every year the quality of our applicants (usually 25
to 35 in
> number) increases, in terms of skill sets, research and/or service
> experience, computational abilities, etc. We have been blessed
> outstanding RAs every year, thanks largely to the high quality
> based biomechanics programs conducted throughout the country.
> As one of our current RAs said, paraphrasing what she wrote in her
> to Mr. Sujovolsky, "the USOC RA position is more than just a job."
> said, "students with graduate degrees in biomechanics cannot
expect to walk
> into quality positions right away. There are too few positions
> and too many graduates. Graduates must therefore separate
themselves from
> the others by acquiring unique skills and experiences." The USOC
> experience working with elite coaches and athletes from a wide
array of
> sports, with an unlimited set of science needs, using many
> analysis and measurement systems (custom and commercially
> Addressing the broader issue of what biomechanics graduates can do
> completing their programs and its relation to our RA program, many
of our
> past RAs have gone on to obtain doctorates in biomechanics and are
> currently in academia. Others have found employment with big name
> equipment/shoe manufacturers, motion capture equipment companies,
> various biomechanics laboratories supporting clinical or sports
> in academia and/or private industry. Further, many of those who
have gone
> on to get their PhDs have remained in contact with us and
> Governing Body (NGB) sport programs. They participate in our SS&T
> research grant program, and contribute to NGB educational,
service, and
> research programs. The backbone of Olympic Sport science is
> supported, in part, by these individuals and their academic based
> programs. If one measure of a program's success is the success of
> "graduates," we feel our program should be considered very
> I am annoyed that Mr. Sujovolsky did not post the response written
by one
> of our RAs concerning our program. The posting was not saved in
> outgoing e-mail folder here, so I cannot duplicate it in this
message. I
> would hope that Mr. Sujovolsky would post it in the near future
> he did receive it) and any others like it to provide some balance
on this
> issue.
> Finally, if Dr. Chalmers has any questions or concerns about how I
> my position or my job performance at the USOC, I encourage him to
> Walt Wilson, our Division Director, at 719-578-4851. Further, if
> Chalmers would like clarification as to why he was not selected
for the
> biomechanics position, assuming he did apply, he is welcome to
call the
> above number.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey P. Broker, Ph.D.
> Sport Biomechanist, USOC
> 719-578-4588
> jbroker@usoc.org
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