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Steven Wolf
12-09-1998, 06:19 AM
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Doctoral training in movement science rehabilitation
research is offered by the Division of Physical Therapy,
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, as an emphasis within
the Neuroscience Program, Graduate Division of Biological
and Biomedical Sciences, Emory University. The purpose of
the training is to prepare independent rehabilitation
scientists through doctoral, multi-disciplinary training in
movement science. The movement science program formalizes
collaborations by a cadre of scientists with expertise and
interest in human movement, movement-related dysfunction,
and the effect of movement or immobility on physiologic
systems. This multidisciplinary group includes physical
therapist and physician faculty from the Departments of
Rehabilitation Medicine and Neurology and other scientist
experts from the Departments of Cell Biology, Biology, and
Physiology and from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Trainees may elect research training with any of these
scientists. The representative expertise of this faculty
allows study of basic mechanisms and clinical manifestations
of movement in animal and human models.

Training is supported by a grant to the Division of
Physical Therapy from the National Institute of Child Health
and Human Development, National Institutes of Health and by
the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical
Sciences. Full tuition and stipend support is available to
trainees. Applications are being recruited for August 1999
matriculation. The application deadline for an August 1999
start is January 20, 1999. The Principal Investigator for
the training grant is Pamela A. Catlin, Ed.D., P.T.; Steven
L. Wolf, Ph.D., P.T. is co-Principal Investigator and
Richard L. Segal, Ph.D., P.T. is Assistant Project
Director. Further details may be obtained from the
following web site: http://www.emory.edu/MED/AH/PT/phd.htm
Information and application requests should be addressed to
Richard L. Segal, Ph.D., P.T., (Voice) 404-712-5654; e-mail:
rsegal@spinal.emory.edu; address: Room 228, Division of
Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Emory University School of Medicine, 1441 Clifton Road, NE,
Atlanta, Georgia, 30322.

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