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12-10-1998, 01:39 AM
Dear Suscribers:

Our group is in the process of designing/developing an EMG software
package for researchers. We would greatly appreciate input from EMG users
regarding features and applications that are considered desireable, as well
as things that should be avoided. It is crucial for us to receive input
from users in the field, as the software will ultimately be used by these
people (i.e. you!).

The survey is divided into two sections: (a) an EMG applications section
and (b) a software functionality section. Please consider the following
points throughout your evaluation:

(a) Current Framework:
The software will build on an existing program, which has the following
- 1 to 8 channels of surface EMG can be gathered
- the data of any or all the channels can be displayed in "real-time"
during acquisition
-the data can be stored and viewed after acquisition
- calculations of power spectrum, mean frequency, median frequency and RMS
can be calculated on any one channel and displayed in "real time" (while
the data is being gathered) or after the data has been saved.

b) The software package will retail for approx. $1500 including A/D card
($500 for A/D card, $1000 for program).

c) This is going to be an EMG-specific package. Functions which would not
normally be applied to EMG signals should not be considered.

d) It is assumed that extremely complex algorithms (eg T-F analysis) will
be performed in more sophisticated packages such as Matlab. We are not
striving to compete with these sophisticated packages.

e) The presentation of the functions should be simple, user friendly and

f) The audience for this package is expected to be diverse. (e.g.
engineers, physiotherapists, clinicians, kinesiologists, undergraduate
students, clinicians, doctors)

g) Assume that you will be a potential user of this software. The answer
to your questions should reflect your personal expectations.


1) What applications are you currently using and have used surface EMG
for? Please specify the types of studies you typically conduct (fatigue
studies, gait analysis, etc..)

2) What other surface EMG applications are you familiar with or aware of
that have been used by other research groups in your experience.

3) List applications that you would like to see in this package in order to
be a potential buyer.


4) Identify the functions used in the applications stated in 1) and 2).
(E.g. a fatigue study may include the following functions:
-view raw data
-segmentation of raw data into new data sets (selecting areas of interest)
-median frequency calculation of specific EMG signal sections
-curve-fiiting for changes in median frequency over time
-parameter extraction such as calculation of slopes, RMS values,
starting/ending points etc.
-plotting of any/all desired data

5) Are there any functions in 4) that you would consider inappropriate for
this particular software package?

6) The following is a list of suggested functions. Please rank these with
a number
1 (frequently used)
2 (occasionally used)
3 (seldom used)

Power Spectrum
Mean Absolute Value
Root Mean Square
Mean Frequency
Median Frequency
Simple math (scaling signals, subtracting signals, averaging signals)
Filtering Signals (from a pre-designed list of filters)
Filter Design (user specified slopes and 3dB points)
Resampling of Signals
Peak Detection (amplitude)
Burst Detection (time)

6) What functions other than those specified above do you think would be

Thank-you for your time and expertise! Your input is invaluable to us.

Gianluca De Luca
Research Engineer

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