View Full Version : Simulation of non-straighforward walking: walking on inclined su

Alexander Savenko
12-11-1998, 03:40 AM

I am research student and I am interested in
simulation of human motion for Computer Graphics applications. There
are some books and articles about straightforward walking on flat
horizontal surfaces (Inman for instance) but I don't know any source
dealing with:
-walking on inclined surface or on stair
-walking with rotation
Is it possible to generalize usual walking pattern and to use
it for walking on inclined surface (or on stair) or it is
neccessary to use other patterns?

I am interested in any references: dynamics, kinematics,
statistical analysis. But popular (for people
not specialized in biomechanics or for students) sources are more
preferable than highly specialised ones.

Thanks in advance,
Alexander Savenko
research student in
De Montfort University

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