View Full Version : Previous posting of Skill-Technologies 6D system for sale

unknown user
12-11-1998, 06:12 AM
Regarding our post to this list on December 10, we in no way meant to cause
any misunderstanding among any motion analysis companies or their customers.
We purchased a Skill-Technologies 6D system for a research project which has
now been completed. We have no further use for the equipment as we are re-
focusing on our core business. We have never purchased or used any other
system for motion analysis. We found the Skill-Tech 6D system to be
completely reliable and recommend it highly. We are not affiliated with
Skill-Technologies and are offering the Skill-Tech 6D system at an attractive
price only because we have no further use for this type of equipment. We
regret any confusion caused by our previous posting. Please direct any
further inquiries to Gerald Appel, President, Myo Diagnostics, Inc. @

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