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Jay M. Trennoche
12-11-1998, 06:39 AM
Ton, please do not stifle thought on your BioMech list. Is bandwidth that
tight? Is it only in the USA where net time is a basic monthly $20 and you
guys are paying by the minute?

The extremities obviously pale in their importance to awesome structures and
biomechanics of the neuro-spine.

Please allow the minds of many to control the discourse. Private email does
not foment knowledge expansion.

Your loyal list subscriber,

Trennoche nvb@hawaiian.net www.kauai-blue-lagoon.com
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Subject: Re: spinal manipulation (end of discussion)

>Dear subscribers,
>As moderator of the Biomch-L list, I feel that this is a good
>time to end the discussion on spinal manipulation.
>Those who are still interested in this discussion can perhaps
>continue through private E-mail or another discussion group.
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