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08-07-1992, 09:29 AM
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1992 16:23:06 BS3
From: Hamil Adum Filho
Subject: Traineeship in Physiotheraphy
Sender: Geriatric Health Care Discussion Group

Traineeship in Physiotheraphy

Large private clinic working in fields such as Hydrotherapy, Orthopedics,
Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, R.P.G, Pediatrics, Neurology.

Traineeship available for physiotherapists (students and professionals of
the whole world).

Minimum stay of one month, free lodging, no taxes, language spoken:
English, French and Japanese.

The members of the clinical staff are affiliated to the World Confederation
of Physiotheraphy and have taken specializations in France, Holland, Portugal
and Japan.

In Brazil the clinic is considered as a model in Physiotheraphy.

1. Make possible exchange and relationship among professionals of Brazil
and other countries.
2. Present Brazilian reality concerning Physiotheraphy such as schools
curriculum, techniques.

Contact with the clinic:

Afonso Shiguime Salgado and
Nelson A. Shirabe
phone: (0432) 24-2764 or 24-4535
adress: Rua Paranagua, 850
cep: 86020 010
state: Parana
Country: Brazil

E-mail: HAMIL@BRFUEL.BITNET (Hamil Adum Filho)