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Julie Martin
12-11-1998, 07:07 AM
Dear All-

I find it unfortunate that this list has become such a source of
negativity. While I used to find the information exchanged both
stimulating and a great source of insight, I find that I now open my
BIOMCH-L emails anticipating derogatory comments regarding someone's
previous posting, or negatively rebutting another's claim. I envision
this list as a forum for constructive discourse; certainly differences
in opinion and misconceptions exist, but it seems these would best be
handled with mutual respect and courtesy. One should not be disuaded to
post an inquiry or insight for fear of negative backlash. I would hope
that we, as members of this list and as professionals, could take it
upon ourselves to not let egos or personal gains rule our discussion,
but rather be lead by our common interest in promoting the advancement
of biomechanics.

Julie Martin, M.S.
University of Vermont

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