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Ian Rogers
12-12-1998, 12:34 AM
Dear Mel and other subscribers,
I can't agree with you more regarding
any unnecessary restriction of the parameters of debate. Surely,
though primarily a biomechanics list, the science is part of an
interdisciplinary field which includes physiology/anatomy, and sports
medicine, for example.

Especially important though is the need, as Mel stressed at the end
of the posting, for correspondents not to gravitate towards personal
sleights or criticisms, nor pettiness. Therefore, I think it out of
order for Stephen Perle to criticise Dr Swanepoel for a spelling error
when his own posting had a number of errors, including grammar.

Let's encourage the eradication of these annoying diversions from
important topics. Passion but not personalisation!

Ian Rogers M.Med.Sci

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