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unknown user
08-10-1992, 12:46 PM
Dear Fellow BIOMCH-Lers

I recently had an query regarding the effect of impact forces on the human
face, in particular the nasal region, subjected to a free-falling object.

My first approach was that *someone* must have looked at this problem before.
The research done on the impact-testing of humanoid dummies in car-crashes
would seem a good place to start in terms of the response of human tissues to
impact forces.

However, as yet, I have been unable to find any clear outline of the tissue
characteristics of skin and bone to various rates and magnitudes of loading.
Also of interest is the threshold at which bones within the face fracture.

I would appreciate any pointers to relevant literature on this topic.

Reply by e-mail direct (preferred) or post to Biomch-L.

Thanks in adavance for any assistance.

Tim Barker email : barker@qut.edu.au
Centre for Medical and Health Physics
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane. QLD