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Trudi Rash
12-16-1998, 05:20 AM
The response to my query about Equine Biomechancis programs has been
swift & abundant. There were too many replies to thank individually
so I'll globally thank everyone who replied. Below are the
consolidated results as of 12/15/98 @ 2:00 Eastern Standard time:

Columbia University Dr. Thomas R. Gardner, in cooperation with Colorado State University.
treadmill studies, kinematic measurements, emg measurements (all done
at Fort Collins, CO) and Columbia's biomechanical studies, which
include testing the scarificed joints on a joint tester

Cornell University Dr. John Hermanson, College of Veterinary Medicine

Michigan State Univ. Dr. Hilary Clayton, equine gait analysis her web site address is:

Oregon State Univ. They have a vet med program and 2 biomechanist: Dr. Toby Hayes
(Clinical Biomechanics) & Gerry Smith (Sport Biomechanics)

Texas A&M Dr. David Hood, hoof mechanics

U of California Davis - Biomechanics: Dr. Sue Stover at the Veterinary School, JD Wheat
Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory, stress fractures, general
orthopedics, fracture repair, and tendon mechanics
Modeling Dr. Laura Zarucco

Univ of Limerick Dr. Pippa Powers, email: pippa.powers@ul.ie
Ireland Not formal program in equine biomechanics, but have related programs
doing Equine Biomechanics which degree could be obtained

University of Guelph Dr. Jeff Thomason experimental strain analysis and
(Ontario, Canada) computer modelling (finite element) of horse hooves

University of Wisconsin Dr. Debra Allyn or Dr. Sheils Schils may be doing some equine research
River Falls

Colorado State Univ. Vetinary school
in Fort Collins.

Washington State Univ Dr. Marc Ratzlaff, in Vet School and studies the goniographic angular
Pullman displacement of the hoc and hoof joints

Royal Vet College A. M. Wilson, T.J. Seelig, R.A. Shield and B. W. Silverman.
North Mymms, U.K. were the authors on a recent manuscript from the college

University of Utrecht Dr. Liduin Meershoek. working on equine gait. Her e-mail address
The Netherlands. is l.s.meershoek@pobox.accu.uu.nl.

University of Bristol Offer degrees in Biomechanics & Equine Science so a match could be made
Southwest of England For more info: http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Anatomy/under.htm
Or: http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Anatomy/newunder/equine.htm

Additionally, contact:
Clifford M. Les, DVM, PhD - Does work with equine metacarpal joints
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory
178 Building 239, Mail Stop 239-11
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
Voice (650) 604-0983 Fax 604-3954

Also, several indicated that the thought their was some equine biomechanics going
on at: University of Calgary, Harvard, Maryland (College Park), Ohio State University,
Saskatchewan, Vienna Vetinerary Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania

Lastly, check out www.aaep.org the web site for the American Association of Equine