View Full Version : Surface Reconstructions from Contour data

unknown user
08-11-1992, 02:10 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L co-subscribers:

I am looking for a FORTRAN subroutine that provides surface reconstruction
using contour data from serial sections, of the type obtained from CT scans.
Presumably, the input to such a subroutine would consist of the vertices of
each contour level, and the output would provide a connectivity list for a
surface consisting of triangular (or quadrilateral) tiles. I am assuming
that such routines are used very commonly in our field, and that public
domain software which addresses this problem is most likely available.
I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with information on this


Gerard A. Ateshian, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Associate in Orthopaedic Research
Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
(212) 305-6446