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Jon Dingwell
12-16-1998, 08:55 AM
Dear Biomch-L:

Rodger Kram's lists of "iterature Updates" reminded me that I have recently
dug up a number of journals who post full electronic "e-prints" on their
web pages. I don't know how "common knowledge" this is among biomechanists,
but entire journal articles from a number of journals can be downloaded from
the web as pdf files. Springer-Verlag seems to have the most out there, but
I found that (at least) two of the articles on Rodger's latest list were
available electronically. Unfortunately, Elsevier (who publish J. Biomech.,
Clinical Biomech., and Gait & Posture, among others) don't yet post full
articles on their pages, but do list tables of contents.

The journals where I have found full e-prints are (so far) listed below
(there are MANY others across numerous fields). I have listed the web
address and starting issues/dates for when full articles are available.
There are several other physics-related journals I have also found access
too (which I didn't list). If anyone else has found any other useful
e-print resources, please feel free to share them. Perhaps a hint to the
folks running the ISB and/or ASB web pages might be to put together a
list of links to these very useful sources of information.

Regards and good hunting,

Jon Dingwell

Exp. Brain Res.: 113(3), 1997

J. Mathematical Biology: 34(5), 1996 [abst. only starting 34(3)]

Biological Cybernetics: 75(2), 1996 [abst. only starting 70(3)]

J. Neuroscience: 16(9), 1996 [abstr. only starting 1(1)]

J. Neurophysiol.: 77(1), 1997

Ann. Rev. of Biomed. Sci.: All volumes dated 1997 onward

J. Appl. Physiol.: 81(4), 1996

Annals of Biomed. Engr: 26(1), 1998

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 93(23), 1996 [abstr. only starting 93(1)]

Physics in Med. & Biol. 38(1), 1993
(may need "institutional electronic subscription" ?)

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