View Full Version : SCAM!: Yourr Telephone Has a Secret Number in it

Edsko Hekman
12-16-1998, 06:26 PM
Dear Jay, forum members,

Sorry to use bandwidth for this, but my guess this is a scam (which is
worse than a hoax). I seem to remember hearing about a scam involving
telephone numbers starting with 10. These numbers were owned by people who
would, indeed, put your call through to the number you wanted to reach, but
by using the "10 something" number you would be patched trough a foreign
country, I forgot which one. The trick was that the owner of the "10-.."
number would charge you for using it, but quite a bit more than 5 cents a
minute; more like a couple of bucks a minute actually. And because these
"10-.." numbers are (for most of us anyway) outside the country there is no
practical way of ever getting your money back.

In other words : DON'T DO IT !!, and do not spread the message, unless you
want to give these people a nice Christmas present.


Edsko Hekman

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