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#low Foon Hou#
12-17-1998, 03:29 PM
Dear Friends,

I am a postgraduate working on the knee joint implant. I wish to simulate
the tibiofemoral knee joint motion on the Dynamic Analysis and Design System
(DADS). My plan is to start with the kinematic study of the knee joint with
a simple joint such as the slide-curve joint before i move into more degrees
of motion. The simple joint implant alone will be studied without catering
for ligament, muscles, tendon actions. However, in order to ensure the
slide-curve joint to work, the curvature of the surfaces of the femoral and
tibial implant must be specified.

Does anyone have any idea how this curvature should be entered into the
program? The implant models were modelled in ProEngineer and imported into
DADS and the curvature of the models were defined using parametric
equations. Thus how should these parametric equations be entered into the

What kind of valuable information can i retrieve from DADS through the study
besides an interference study of the designed implants?

Thanks in advance!

*** Merry Christmas ***

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