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Carmen Muller-karger
12-18-1998, 01:44 AM
Dear Biomch-list readers,

ALmost two months ago I asked to the Biomech-list how to deal with CT and
MRI images. I wanted to post all the answers and thank all the people that
help me (sorry for the delay):

My question was:

>I am working in a three dimensional model of the knee, and I am trying to
>reproduce the geometry. I have connections with a Medical Center that
>has a very good equipment in Computarize Tomography and Magnetic
>Resonance. Does anyone knows how to convert the data of a Picker machine
>in a legible format.

The answes:


>A good place to start with reading Medical Image files is David
>Clunie's Medical Image Format FAQ
>For making models from the data, start with the NASA 3D
>reconstruction reference page
>For volumetric visualisation, try


> De: Chris_Roth@via-christi.org
> A: cmuller@usb.ve
> Asunto: RE: CT IMAGES, 3D Model of the Knee
> Fecha: Viernes 6 de Noviembre de 1998 12:12 PM

> Carmen,
> Although the data are stored in a proprietary format, some Picker CTs
> Voxel-Q) let you export each image as a TIF file. From there you would
> need to recreate the 3D geometry...
> The Picker machine is based on some sort of UNIX system, and it might
> already have a network card installed. You can connect any PC (running
> Win95 etc.) to that network card, and transfer the files directly from
> CT into your computer via TCPIP, using a FTP software package.
> Chris


> Everything I could find is the following:
> Picker CT
> Grey hole perhaps. This information probably pertains to the IQ and PQ CT
> models, though I have no sample images to experiment
> with yet. I am told that:
> axial images are 512x512
> pilot images are 1024x1024
> uncompressed images are 12 bits stored in 16 bits
> don't know how to handle compression scheme
> raster order is as usual, by row, TLHC first
> 8k header to be skipped
> Picker MR - another black hole
> So it seems you are out of any luck .....
>Marco Viceconti


> De: Atif Mehmet Yardimci
> A: Carmen Muller-Karger
> Asunto: Re: CT IMAGES, 3D Model of the Knee
> Fecha: Martes 10 de Noviembre de 1998 11:59 PM
> Hi Carmen:
> I have been using Mimics from Materialise, and Visualization Toolkit
> from kitware to convert scanner data into readable data-sets. I'm sure
> Materialise folks (www.materialise.com) will be able to help you out.
> If you'll have problems, let me know and i will be looking around to find
> some readers.
> Best Regards,
> Atif Yardimci


De: Adam Arabian
> A: Carmen Muller-Karger
> Asunto: Re: CT IMAGES, 3D Model of the Knee
> Fecha: Domingo 8 de Noviembre de 1998 4:07 PM
> I would appreciate a synopsis of responses to this. I am currently
> doing something similar in the study of equine joints and it appears
> that hand digitization will be the only reasonable way save for spending
> $6000+ on a software package.
> A. Arabian


>Dear Carmen,
>Please have a look at our web-site at http://www.materialise.com
>With the Mimics/MedCad software you would be able to do this. Evaluation
>version for 30 days are available. Just download Mimics 6.0 and email for
>Mark Bliek
>(734) 662 5057

I am finally using a software call OSIRIS, that I download form Internet.

Thank you very much,


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