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Frank Scott
12-18-1998, 07:16 AM
Hi. Love the list and have decided to stop lurking. I am a teacher in Texas
and have been fascinated by the discussions here (especially neural control of
mechanical devices messages).

Anyway, I recently found a free online newsletter that has helped me
tremendously. It's called "Premium Links." Through it, I've found quite a
few sites that have helped me in my research. It's sent out every Thursday
morning and contains five excellent sites. The author's goal is to only list
sites worthy of a bookmark. He divides the sites amongst five categories,
including "Education", "Home and Family", "Business, "The Arts", and "Just for
Fun." The educational site is my favorite, and he is right: I have bookmarked
most of them.

To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to premiumlinks@usa.net with the
word "subscribe" in the subject (minus the quotes). If you want to see a
sample newsletter, head to:


The newsletter is in HTML format so make sure your e-mail program can display
HTML. Hope this helps! It certainly helped me find the GOOD STUFF.

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