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Alexander Savenko
12-20-1998, 11:19 PM
Many thanks to Ashvin Thambyah, Michael Orendurff, Mark Redfern,
James Richardson, Gideon Ariel and Ton van den Bogert for their
replies to my question. Here is summary of replies regarding walking
on inclined surface, stair climbing and human motion simulation.

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of normal and disabled persons during a range of activities." Acta
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WWW links:

the Muybridge web page (a series of animated photos of walking
on slopes):

Human animation links:

Ariel Dynamics server:

Thesis of Joe Laszlo: "Limit cycle control and its application to the
animation of balancing and walking"

Good luck in new year and Merry Christmas,
Alexander Savenko
Research student
School of Computer and Information Sciences
De Montfort University

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