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Jan-paul Van Wingerden
12-21-1998, 03:14 AM
Dear BIOMCH readers,

>From the first replies to my question about a formula to calculate
percentiles I discovered I haven't been specific enough.

The answers I got concerned the formula for the normal curve. I want to
thank the replicants for their information, but regrettably I already
had that curve. What I'm looking for is the cumulative probability
function for a normal distribution. Somewhere I read that it may be the
inverse function of the normal function but that's beyond my mathmatics

The graph from which I need the formula looks like this
(use proportional fonts:)
* ****************
* **********
* *****
* ***
* **
* **
* **
* **

Any suggestions?

With kind regards,

Jan-Paul van Wingerden

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