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Marleen J Caldwell
12-21-1998, 07:45 AM
I have been endlessly searching for two articles but cannot find any
library that carries the following journal:

Hosea, TM and Boland, AL: Myoelectric and kinematic analysis of the lumbar
spine. Post Graduate Advances in Sports Medicine 15(6)278, 1987.

Hosea, TM, Boland, AL, McCarthy, K, et al: Rowing Injuries. Post Graduate
Advances in Sports Medicine 1, 1989.

I would appreciate any help in locating the articles or authors.

Thank you,

Marleen Caldwell, PT
University at Buffalo
Physical Therapy, Exercise Science, and Nutrition Department
405 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, NY 14214
email: caldwell@acsu.buffalo.edu

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