View Full Version : Prof W. Baumann's adress?

unknown user
08-13-1992, 05:25 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Our department has been trying to contact Prof Dr Wolfgang Baumann, and
unfortunately we had trouble receiving a fax from him. Hence we only have some
of the information he sent, including his facsimile number and e-mail address.
Could anyone out there who knows his facsimile number and/or e-mail address
please send us this information via e-mail, as this will save us considerable
time over using conventional mail. Prof Baumann's full address is:

Prof Dr WoLfgang Baumann
Institut Fur Biomechanik
Deutsche Sporthochschule
Koln, Germany

Thanking you in advance,

Bruce Barry
Senior Lecturer, Human Movement Science
RMIT, Victoria, Australia
Internet adress "X00013@PHILLIP.EDU.AU"