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Chung-huang Yu
12-21-1998, 09:28 PM

I enocunter a technical difficulty. I am wondering whether anyone can
help me.

If we want to calculate the net moment of leg joints by Inverse Dynamic
Calculation, the ground reactions are required. I would like to know
how accurate the ground reactions can be measured by insole type forces
sensors and ground fixed force plateforms. Would you please help me on
the following questions?

1. What kind of force can be measured, vertical force, shear force,
2. What is the accuracy of the measured forces?
3. What's the accuracy in term of centre of pressure (COP)?

I found the third question is difficult. I cannot find any information
about the accuracy of COP.

Any direction, reference, web-site would be appreciated.

Thanks very much for

Yours sincerely,

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