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12-22-1998, 05:33 AM
We are about to begin construction on the main walkway in our motion
laboratory, and wanted to post a request to the list regarding optimal force
platform locations for children and adults. While we are building in the
flexibility to move plates individually within a 4' x 10' pit, we would like
to identify "primary locations" that will permit recording of individual
foot strikes from the greatest percentage of our subjects.

Advice from colleagues who have used multiple plate arrangements suggests
that many laboratories move their plates frequently in the setup stage, but
decide on a favored configuration, and then seldom move them again. If list
members can share their experiences in this regard, it will greatly assist
us in this design stage.

We plan on using four 3 component force platforms, and our population will
be 75% neuromuscular children, 15% adult rehab, and 10% adult athletes.

Thanks in advance, and hope everyone has a joyous holiday season.


James J. Carollo, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, Center for Gait and Movement Analysis
The Children's Hospital
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, B285
1056 East 19th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
voice: 303-764-8241, pager: 303-760-4665
email: carollo.james@tchden.org

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