View Full Version : A new function of hip muscls

Roumen Dobrev
12-24-1998, 12:49 AM
Dear BIOMCH readers,
I have originated a theoretical concept about a new, not described so
far, additional isometric function of the hip muscles iliacus,
obturatorius externus and vastus lateralis. I call the function
supportive and the respective muscles - supportive ones. By means of
this function the organism redistributes the loads in the human hip,
thus securing optimal loading conditions for the prolonged femoral neck.

Now I am gathering information regarding the EMG-activity of the
iliacus, obturator externus and vastus lateralis muscles during gait &
Anyone of you, who is curious to take a first-hand look at my concept,
who can help me with information or who is ready to help me in in-vivo
recording the EMG-activity of the obt. externus muscle, is welcome!
Thanks in advance,

Roumen Dobrev

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