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Shermin Kazemkhani
12-25-1998, 11:20 PM
Dear friends:
I am a physical therapy student.I am working on the effect of heel height
on COP displacement & GRF direction while standing, as an Msc thesis.
I have two questions:
1-What has been done sofar(if you have heard anythings)
2-what can I do not to buy so many shoes?(different sizes & heel heights);may
I use any kind of heel supports instead of shoe?
I know that MrBendix-T has done such a thing but unfortunately I couldn`t
find the concerning journal in Iran.it was Spine 1984;9(2);223-7.I will be
very grateful if anyone could help me about this matter since I am in a hurry
as a result of time lack.
thank you very much
have a nice holiday!

shermin kazemkhani

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