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William Harwin
08-15-1992, 08:25 AM
The Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories of the University of
Delaware have graduate opportunities in both rehabilitation robotics
and in rehabilitation engineering. Readers of Biomch-l may be
interested in the following details, please contact me if you would
like to pursue either of these opportunities, (start dates are negotiable).

William Harwin


The Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories have an exciting
program in rehabilitation robotics with an emphasis on the
human-machine interface. The primary focus is on applications of
extended physiological proprioception (force reflective control) in
rehabilitation, whereby the forces experienced by a slave robot are
fed back to the user via a master servo system. This master servo
system could be a head, shoulder or elbow controlled. This research is
appropriate for both masters level and graduate level student, and
work would involve assessing the abilities of the prospective users,
developing interface electro-mechanics, and designing control

Any suitably qualified person can apply for the rehabilitation
robotics studentships.


Rehabilitation Engineering is the application of engineering
techniques to problems encountered in all branches of rehabilitation
medicine. Rehabilitation engineering requires motivated and
professional people who are adept at problem solving. Under a grant
from the Rehabilitation Services Administration, the Applied Science
and Engineering Laboratories has scholarships available for training
in rehabilitation engineering. Applicants for these scholarships
should have a degree in engineering, computer science, occupational
therapy or similar discipline and should be willing to extend and
apply their knowledge to finding appropriate solutions for problems
encountered in rehabilitation.

The training is at the masters level and above and will require the
scholars to acquire skills in both engineering science and in
rehabilitation medicine. Scholars will have a substantial clinical
practice as part of the rehabilitation engineering scholarship program.

Eligibility for the graduate scholarships in rehabilitation
engineering require that :-

o You are a United States citizen or provide proof of
lawful permanent residents in the United States.
o You are not be an employee of the Federal Government.
o You are interested in a career that includes vocational
rehabilitation practice. This would include professional
practice, administration, supervision, teaching, or research.
o Following the degree the you must work for 2 years in an
approved rehabilitation agency. Such agencies would include
any non-profit organization, any state or federal
rehabilitation program, or a for-profit, sole professional

The Affiliations

The training program will be a part of the Applied Science and
Engineering Laboratories, a joint research program of the University
of Delaware and the Alfred I. duPont Institute. The Laboratories have
extensive research programs in rehabilitation technology and are
involved in research and development in human/computer interaction,
engineering design, computer applications, rehabilitation engineering,
biomechanics, and sensory aids.

The University of Delaware is the primary academic
affiliation for the Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories. It
is a private, state-supported institution located in Newark, Delaware
and has has an enrollment of 15,000 students. The Applied Science and
Engineering Laboratories has maintained strong ties with the
departments of Computer and Information Sciences, Mechanical
Engineering, and Educational Studies. These departments maintain
research laboratories on artificial intelligence, computer graphics,
mechanical design, robotics, and special education technology. The
University Library offers the Applied Science and Engineering
Laboratories staff access to a collection of 2 million volumes and
21,500 periodicals.

The Alfred I. duPont Institute is located in Wilmington,
Delaware and is the primary clinical affiliation for the Applied
Science and Engineering Laboratories. It is a full service pediatric
hospital serving primarily the Mid-Atlantic region. The Institute was
established in 1940 as an orthopedic hospital for children, and
although it has maintained strong programs in orthopedics and
rehabilitation, services have expanded to cover most medical
specialities including clinical services in occupational therapy,
physical therapy, communication disorders, and rehabilitation

Further Information

For more information contact:

William Harwin
Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories
P.O. Box 269
Wilmington, Delaware 19899

Telephone: (302) 651 6830
Fax: (302) 651 6895
email: harwin@asel.udel.edu