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Del Morris
02-02-1999, 10:37 AM
Hi everyone-- Would you please pass this announcement on to interested
in tracking? Thank you.


International Symposium on Tracking

October 23-25, 1999
Petaluma, California, USA

Through the increased 'informational' capability of the internet
we are finding the ancient art of tracking is in common use. While
some have found that being interested in tracking has been lonely,
there are 'schools' and groups of trackers forming loose knit
in many areas of the world; secluded and isolated from each other
concepts and skills. On-line discussion about tracking has been
largely inadequate in furthering the skills and techniques that are
being utilized throughout the world.

This is a first ever 'gathering' of ALL interested in the skill of
tracking. Come and report your progress in tracking as a use on the
job and ongoing research. Share and compare what your school or
program has to offer the world of a tracker. Offer back any new
developments or techniques in your gait studies and what advances in
educational methods that you have experienced.

The Muster is currently being planned as a Two day symposium that will
include many opportunities to listen to and talk with other trackers
as well as spending time in the field demonstrating and examining sign
and track. We are prepared to expand or reduce the scope of this
gathering based on response. Attendance can be as a Presenter, a
Vendor, or an Attendee and the price range will be from $50 to $300
depending on the number of days attending, meals, and the housing
choices that you make. Registration information will be available May

TRACKING '99 is arranged to stimulate communication between ALL
trackers, professional, amateur; law enforcement, trappers, search and
rescue, forensic investigation, recreational, photo journalists,
hunting guides, nature study, game hunters, naturalists, survivalists,
hobbyists, and others.

We encourage anyone that has something to say to other trackers to
step forward. Emphasis on the theme is encouraged but not required.
Topics are requested to be on substantial, original, and unpublished
research on all aspects of tracking, including, but not limited to the

Determining Gaits
Natural Detection Process
Tracking Tactics
Shoe design
Tracking for Forensic Investigation
Vision and Perceptions
Places, traces, and sign
Defining "tracking"
Dirt Reasoning
Track Representation
Gait Patterns Revisited
Tracking in the Cities
Learning Signcutting
Track Information Retrieval
Signcutting Techniques
Human Biomechanics
Sketching Systems
Tracks as Clues "Handling"
New concepts or studies on gait and locomotion.
Active devices or techniques to enhance tracking
Casting, Photographing, and recording devices

This is a call for Speakers, Slide-shows, Posters, Papers, and
Tutorials. Due April 20,1999

The Northern California Tracking Guild (NCTG) seeks original papers
on tracking and subjects. Emphasis on the theme is encouraged but not

More detailed information on submitting an
abstract for review is available from Del Morris ... or visit our web

Tracking '99
"A Dirty Knee Muster"
Facilitated by
NCTG - Northern California Tracking Guild
Located at
Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma
Advocated by
ISPT - International Society of Professional Trackers

General Chair
Del Morris (dlmorris@concentric.net)

WEB Site Manager
Tauno Hogue (tauno@brainprod.com)

A Full List of Committee Members is available on request.

If detailed information is not attached with this letter and you would
like it sent, contact
Del Morris
PO Box 2220
Petaluma, CA 94953-2220
707-763-1858 or voice message/fax 800-257-6727

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