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Li-shan Chou
02-04-1999, 05:58 AM
For those who are interested in collaborating this project, please contact
Dr. Song at the address listed below. Thanks.

>Project Title: Innovative Crutch Design for Re-hab
>I am looking for collaborators (researcher and/or crutch manufacturer) to
>develop an innovative crutch to assist the patient with a injured foot or
>leg. We will develop a proposal together and submit it to funding agencies
>and/or companies.
>With this new crutch, the patient's body will have more "reasonable" swing
>motion which will release much pressure under the arm(s), and in turn
>release the pain under the arm(s). This can be achieved by a simple
>mechanism which guide the mass center of the body to move in a certain
>path. I have already developed a few good conceptual designs which reaquire
>verification from gait study and experimental study.
>In addition, an extension of the above study is to develop a shank crutch
>(with or without hand's assistance) which will enable the patient to walk
>in a more normal way. Furthermore, we can also look into the crutch design
>for stair-climbing.
>The study will include motion generation study of crutch mechanism,
>computer-aided design of the crutch, manufacturing, gait study (in gait
>laboratory) of persons with conventinal crutch(s), gait study of persons
>with new crutch(s), clinic study of the patient results, and improvements
>of the design.
>I have worked in robotics and walking machines for close to 20 years and
>designed and built several walking machine legs, robot arms and wrists. I
>have extensive research experience in animal and human gait study
>(kinematics and dynamics), as well as computer-aided design and automation.
>Other projects I am developing include: an automatic stair-climbing dolly;
>stair-climbing wheelchair; energy efficient oscillating walking; CMAC
>neural network gait synthesizer; and practical walking machines.
>The interested people should contact Dr. Simon Song at smsong@uic.edu
>(email) or
>312-996-2427 (tel). Thank you for your attention.
>Shin-Min (Simon) Song
>Department of Mechanical Engineering
>University of Illinois at Chicago
>842 W. Taylor Street (M/C 251)
>Chicago IL 60607-7022
>(312)996-2427 (O)
>(312)413-0447 (Fax)
>E-mail: smsong@uic.edu

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