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unknown user
08-16-1992, 10:56 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L and all who ride on it,

You may recall a recent request that I placed on BIOMCH-L regarding the
response of the bones of the human face to impact.

A big THANK-YOU to the fifteen or so people who responded !

I received many *pointers to the literature, both new and old, but by far
the most frequent references were made to the annual Stapp Car Crash Conferences
held in various cities in the USA. They are now up to number 36 !

I was particularly interested in the response characteristics and fracture
tolerances of the nasal bones. I found very few studies which concentrated
on these bones alone, mainly due to anecdotal evidence that they "break easily".
Other bones of the face (maxilla, zygoma, parietal, frontal) have received much
more attention. Fracture loads and mechanical stiffness values can be found in
many different studies.

It never ceases to amaze me how much we DON'T KNOW about the human body !

For those who may be interested, I have listed below *some* of the references
to work in this area.

Thanks again to all who helped me !


Tim Barker email barker@qut.edu.au
Centre for Medical & Health Physics
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane QLD
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1. Nyquist GW et al
Facial Impact Tolerance and Response
SAE Paper No. 891896, Proc 30th Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1986.
[ mainly effect of frontal impact to nasal, maxilla and zygoma ]

2. Allsop DL et al
Facial Impact Response - A comparison of the Hybrid III Dummy and Human Cadaver
SAE Paper No. 881719, Proc 32nd Stapp Car Crash Conference, 1988.
[ facial bones frontal, zygoma, maxilla ]

3. Human Tolerance to Impact Conditions As Related to Motor Vehicle Design
SAE Information Report, SAE J885, JUL 1986.
[ summary of reported work on impact to various parts of the body ]

4. Human Mechanical Response Characteristics
SAE Information Report, SAE J1460, MAR 1985.
[ summary of force - deflection characteristics ]