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02-04-1999, 10:46 PM
Dear Biomch-Lers

I'm working on a PhD project at the Faculty of Human Movement Science at the
Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. I am doing measurements with Near Infra Red
Spectroscopy in order to study muscle tissue oxygenation. During these
experiments an arterial occlusion has to be applied to the arm of the
subject. Normally this is done by means of a bloodpressure cuff. However I'm
interrested in the muscles of the upper arm, and therefore a normal blood
pressure cuff is useless since it is too wide and covers the upper arm
muscles. Therefore I'm looking for a narrow cuff with a width of maximal 5
cm, but untill now with no result. Therefore my question is whether anyone
does know whether such cuffs exist and if so, where I could get them?

Thank you in advance

Marit Praagman

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