View Full Version : CT/MRI based Finite Element Analysis - What is the market size?

Mark Bliek
02-05-1999, 01:41 AM
Materialise is a software developer specializing in conversion of CT and
MRI images into data for Rapid Prototyping machines and CAD packages
through IGES and STL-files. Repeatedly we are asked to develop an
interface for Finite Element Analysis. Our current tools allow the user
to output nurbs surfaces and polygonzied surfaces derived from scanned
data. Because we output a boundary description, variation for example in
bone density as seen in the gray scale images of the scanner is lost. As
such it could compromise the accuracy of a FEA study.
In principle it seems to be possible to create solid elements out of the
image dataset and transfer the bone density values to the FEA package.
Our dilemma is whether the market size for such software, would justify
the development and marketing cost.
The question to the group therefore is if data is available on the
market size for an FEA preprocessor which takes CT and MRI data as
Would it be fair to assume that every department involved with
biomechanical engineering, orthopedics, sports medicine etc. would be
interested in such software?
How many of these departments exist world wide?

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