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Hugues Lafrance
02-05-1999, 09:10 AM
Dear Hagai Eshel,

There is a paper from Vogel (1982) in Bioeng. Skin, 3, 198-209 entitled
"Mechanical properties of rat skin as compared by in vivo and in in vitro

Good Luck.

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> Subject: Soft tissue viscoelasticity and preconditioning in-vivo vs.
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> Dear Biomech-L
> I am a graduate student studying the viscoelasticity and preconditioning
> of rat skin in-vitro using uni axial cyclic stretch protocol.
> As a part of my research I would like to relate the results in-vitro to
> actual in-vivo properties, and therefore would like to know if you have
> any references to correlate in-vivo to in-vitro viscoelasticity and
> preconditioning, in any soft tissue?
> A summary of replies will be posted
> Thanks in advance
> Hagai Eshel

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