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Martin Watson
02-05-1999, 11:01 AM
Dear list members,

Can anyone recommend any software packages (preferrably to run on PCs), which can model/simulate aspects of
human movement ? Say for instance one might wish to create a model of a single joint (2 hinged segments), or
something more complicated, and incorporate within it and adujst variables/parameters such as amount of signal
to flexors/extensors, tissue compliance, relative strength of opposing muscle groups, etc. The kind of software I'm
aware of includes things
like StarLogo. However, I can't at present get access to this as a version running on a PC, and I'm not sure if it
will do the job anyway. Someone has recommended a package called SWARM, but I'm waiting for more details.
For those 'in the know', I'm particularly interested in emergent behaviour and complex systems, and am looking
for ways to model emergent behaviour in the human movement situation, particularly in the situation of spastic

Hope this comes up with something interesting and useful.

Thanks in advance.

Martin W

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