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Urban Fraefel
02-06-1999, 12:12 AM
Help about History of Biomechanics
Im am writing a study about some aspects of the history of biomechanics,
focussing the period 1955-1975. Though the word „biomechanics“ exists at
least since 1900, it seems to have emerged in its actual use around
What happened around 1960-1970?
What were the reasons to found Laboratories for Biomechanics (and to
name them so) in Europe and America at that time?
Who introduced the name „biomechanics“?
Where can I find documents (not only hints and rumours)?
So far I have found some information mainly about J. Wartenweiler,
Zurich (1st Seminar 1967, 1st president of ICB) and Ernst Jokl
(Lexington/Kentucky, UNESCO).

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