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Yoshiaki Takei
02-11-1999, 09:47 AM
Could you please post this on the biomechanics newsletter page.

Thank you,
Yoshiaki Takei, Ph.D.

"Graduate Teaching Assistantship in Biomechanics" at Northern Illinois

A Graduate Teaching Assistantship at Northern Illinois University in
the area of Biomechanics is available for the Academic Year 1999-2001.
Course work and related experiences lead to a Master of Science in
Education degree with a major concentration in Biomechanics. The
program is designed to allow flexibility to meet individual goals.

The appointee will be assigned to assist in teaching Kinesiology and
Biomechanics courses and also will be involved in the research
activities of the Biomechanics Laboratory.

Additional Opportunities:
Graduate teaching, research, and laboratory assistantships are also
available with assignments in the following areas: adapted physical
education, cardiac rehabilitation, dance, exercise physiology,
fitness, general studies, gerontology, motor development, pedagogy,
and sports medicine. Persons assigned to these areas may select
Biomechanics as an area of interest in their graduate program. The
assignment of teaching duties will be contingent upon past experience,
personal interest, and department needs.

Candidates must have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited
institution, with a major in exercise science, physical education, or
a related area; earned an acceptable grade point average and GRE
scores for admission to the Graduate School at NIU; and possess
personal qualities necessary to be a successful student in the
graduate program.

To be assured of full consideration, all materials should be submitted
by April 1, 1999. Early applications are encouraged.

Dr. Yoshiaki Takei, Professor, Director, Biomechanics Laboratory,
Department of Physical Education, Anderson Hall 204, Northern Illinois
University, DeKalb, IL 60115

Office: (815) 753-3526; Fax: (815) 753-1413; email: ytakei@niu.edu

Department of Physical Education


The scholarship will provide tuition and fees for undergraduate or
graduate women who are majoring in physical education and are in
financial need. Available financial support and the number of awards
are dependent upon the available expendable income from the estate
investment. No one student may receive more than 5% of the market
value of the trust established. Renewal is based upon academic


1. Advertise the scholarship through the department alumni
newsletter, Update, fliers sent to undergraduate institutions, PHED
web page, and information in letters sent to prospective women
graduate students.

2. Develop an application packet consisting of an application form
and a university financial aid packet. Packets will be available
through the Department of Physical Education and the Northern Illinois
University Student Financial Aid Office.

3. The Student Financial Aid Office at Northern Illinois University
will provide the necessary need analysis information to the Department
of Physical Education for its deliberation in the determination of
scholarship recipients.

4. Evidence in addition to need:

Undergraduate:Three letters of recommendation
NIU GPA of at least 2.5*
Completion of the Student Financial Aid packet
At least 12 hours successfully completed in the major or sophomore
standing in the department
High school rank and size of graduating class
Personal letter written by applicant about goals related to physical
Possible interview

Graduate:Acceptance to Graduate School and admitted to the Department
Undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 or a graduate GPA of at least 3.0
Official transcript
Combined GRE scores (Verbal and Quantitative) of at least 800*
Completion of the Student Financial Aid form
Personal letter written by applicant about goals relative to physical
Possible interview

5. The Department will form the Lela Trager Scholarship Committee.
The Committee shall consist of the Director of Teacher Education,
Director of Sport and Fitness Studies, Director of Graduate Studies,
Assistant to the Chair, and at least one other faculty member to be
named. The Committee will review the applications and submit a
recommendation to the Department Chair for review. If disagreeing with
the Committee=s recommendation, the Chair shall meet with the
Committee for further discussion. After agreement, the Chair will
forward the names, addresses, and social security numbers of the
recipients to the First National Bank of DeKalb and the Student
Financial Aid Office at Northern Illinois University for processing
the disbursement of funds.


It was the intent of Ms. Trager to provide long-term financial support
for scholarships. The conditions of the Estate allow for the
utilization of the principal as well as the interest for the
scholarship award. The Department strongly recommends that only the
interest be used for the awards. This approach would honor the intent
of Ms. Trager=s established trust fund and assure this support in


1. The First National Bank will forward the appropriate funds for the
scholarship recipients a semester at a time. The funds shall be
forwarded no less than two weeks prior to the beginning of each

2. After the deadline date, the Department of Physical Education
shall compile a list of the scholarship recipients and forward it to
the Director of Student Financial Aid for processing.

3. After the withdrawal date of the beginning of the semester, the
Department will contact the Asset and Trust Management Department of
The First National Bank and verify that the recipients of the
scholarship are enrolled and attending classes.

4. If, at any point during the time period of the award, any
recipient leaves the university or changes majors, the scholarship
shall be terminated for the ensuing semester. If the above occurs in
the middle of the semester, the recipient shall reimburse the
scholarship fund for the cost of the tuition and fees for that

Any exceptions to the above are subject to approval by the Department
of Physical Education Lela Trager Scholarship Committee.

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