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George, Terrence
02-11-1999, 02:54 PM
Hi, I am in a group researching the effects of scapular taping on shoulder
strength. One sticking point we have is a precise definition of:


Specifically, we are looking for criteria to differentiate those who have
scapular winging or instability from those who do not. To date we have the
following options;

lateral slide test
modified lateral slide test
resting to abducted differences ratio
"depth" of winging away from thorax (arbitrary critical value)
drop arm test - observe instability ~ subjective
"abducted" scapula: >2in from spine

as you can see, these are arbitrary or subjective or incomplete. Any
suggestions or references would be greatly appreciated. We can collect 3D
data (if necessary), but don't have critical values for it.

Thank you,
Terry George, MSBE, SPT

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