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unknown user
02-12-1999, 06:30 AM
As a follow up to Gianluca De Luca's front end filtering... He emailed me 1st
& I suggested that we open this up to the list serve as I've been in many
discussions (pro & con) about collecting RAW EMG prior to any manipulation of
data (filters, etc.). In my EMG Fundamentals document posted on the GCMAS
web page I say collect 1st, then filter as it is
often difficult to detect artifact in the signal when it is raw, and almost
impossible if you do any manipulation of the data on the front end. This is
the way I was taught & has been the trend at the majority of the EMG
workshopsI have attended. I could be swayed to switch, but never unless I
had the means to collect the Raw & processed data simultaneously.What are the
groups thoughts...

Greg Rash

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