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John Blackwell
02-15-1999, 03:10 AM

I'm trying to develop a list of websites that could be an aid to the
kinesiology/biomechanics TEACHER. Generally, sites fall into the following

1. Companies
2. Organizations
3. Journals
4. Academic programs
5. Personal/academic

Sites that are in categories 1-4, I can get on my own. However, If you
know a site that falls into category 5 above (or something else I have left
out), and would be willing to share it, please let me know. I imagine
there are many of you that have developed pages that include class notes,
exercises, practice quizzes, lab information, etc. that would be useful to
all of us teaching kinesiology/biomechanics. Responses will be compiled
and distributed.

Thank you.

John R. Blackwell, Ph.D.
Exercise and Sport Science
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, California 94117-1080
TEL: 415.422.5988
FAX: 415.422.6267
E-mail: blackwell@usfca.edu

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