View Full Version : Bing Yu's cut-off frequency technique

Adam Bryant
02-16-1999, 07:56 AM
Dear Biomec-L,

I am conducting a study on the effect of using different techniques for
selection of cut-off frequency for filtering kinematic data.
I intend to use the 2 equations developed by Bing Yu (published in his
Masters thesis - 1988). Whilst I have been able to locate the simpler eqn
(Fc = (1.4845 + 0.1523 Fs 0.5)2), I have not been able to locate the second
more complex eqn. I was wondering if anyone had access to or knowledge of
this second eqn? If not, does anyone know Bing Yu's Email address so that I
can contact him directly? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Bryant.

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