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Andrew W. (drew) Smith, Phd
02-17-1999, 12:50 AM
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From: Lee Smith
To: biomch-l-request@nic.surfnet.nl
Date: Wednesday, 17 February, 1999 9:48
Subject: would a question from the X Files Researcher be okay?

>Hi, my name is Lee Smith and I'm the Researcher for the television show
>The X Files. I have a few questions that I'd like to put to the members
>of your list, but thought I should ask permission first, since I'm not
>actually an expert (or even a novice for that matter) in biomechanics.
>Basically the questions have to do with an episode one of the writer's
>is working on that deals with a group of people who suddenly find that
>they can move more quickly than the human eye can perceive. The
>writer's questions are: why can't a person move that quickly? what
>forces govern the speed at which a person can move? what exactly makes a
>hummingbird (for example) able to move it's wings so quickly that we see
>a blur? etc., etc.

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