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Wendy Gilleard
02-17-1999, 03:01 PM
Hi all,
We are setting up the possibility of some collaborative research with a
biomechanist located in Sweden. We have developed, in our Sydney lab, a
protocol to measure sacroiliac joint motion using EVA (high res 5.00) with
5 cameras. We would like to test some patients with this system who have
previously tested using radiography. The subjects are located in Sweden, so
we are looking for somebody in the European area who has an Expertvision
system (high res) who would be happy to do some collaboration in letting us
have access to the system for some data collection.
Looking forward to your response
Wendy Gilleard E-mail: w.gilleard@cchs.usyd.edu.au
School of Exercise & Sport Science Tel: Int +61- (0)2 - 935 19528
Faculty of Health Sciences Fax: Int +61- (0)2 - 935 19204
The University of Sydney
Post: P.O. Box 170, Lidcombe, N.S.W. 2141, Australia

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