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Ron Roozendaal
02-22-1999, 01:12 AM

The Dutch RSI-Center is an organisation specialised in prevention of RSI
and in rehabilitation. The past couple of months we have been developing
our web-site, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Currently on our website are:

- RSI-Search, a Web search engine restricted to RSI related sites only.
RSI-Search also offers a mailinglist search engine, allowing you to search
in past postings to RSI-related mailinglists such as Sorehand and RSI-UK at
the same time. (For privacy reasons the individual postings are not
available for browsing)

- RSI-Links, links to RSI related sites on the Internet. If you run a
RSI-site, please consider adding it to RSI-Links as well as RSI-Search.

- Two online tests, providing you (1) with information on possible
diagnosis of your RSI-related complaints, and (2) with a personal RSI Risk
Profile indicating your risk of getting and already having RSI.

- A small online shop that will be enlarged in the coming months, offering
products that help prevent and live with RSI.

- Book reviews.

- A starting discussion forum.

- A starting Banner Exchange, add your site!

We welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement of our site and
services, and do not hesitate to contact us with any qestions you might

Ron Roozendaal (directie@rsi-centrum.nl)
The Dutch RSI-Center
Ron Roozendaal, The RSI-Center / Het RSI-Centrum
directie@rsi-centrum.nl, http://www.rsi-centrum.nl
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