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Houdijk J.h.p. (han)
02-22-1999, 09:07 PM
Hello Biomch-L-ers,

We recently purchased the Cosmed K4b2 portable pulmonary gas exchange system
for our reasearch into speed skating. The Cosmed appears to be working fine
inside our lab, however, at an indoor ice rink (temperature 2 degrees
Celcius) or outdoors (at a temperature of 6 degrees celcius) it does not
function well. In this relatively cold surroundings VO2 values measured by
the cosmed level off or even decrease during an exercise test. Subsequently
RQ reaches values of 1.7 and higher.

It could be possible that these problems are due to the low temperature in
combination with high humidity, but we are not sure. Does anyone ever
experienced these problems before or used this system succesfully under
these conditions, and does anyone have a suggestion how to solve our

I hope someone can help us out soon


Han Houdijk
Faculty of Human Movement Sciences
Vrije Universiteit
van der Boechorststraat 9
1081 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31-20-4448504
fax: +31-20-4448529

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