View Full Version : video markers for the larynx

Scott Selbie
08-21-1992, 04:33 AM
Dear Biomch-l Subscriber,

We are currently developing a mechanical model of the human
larynx. We are looking for a marker that can be attached to
the vocal folds and viewed through a high speed video
laryngoscope (the scope is placed through the nasal cavity and
films from above the vocal folds). Our subjects would rather not
have anything metal, plastic or radioactive left in their body.
One subject is willing to have methylene blue "tatooed" to her
vocal folds. Does anyone know of a biodegradable marker that
can be attached easily to moist tissue? All suggestions of
material or a more sensible way of monitoring vocal fold
movements would be appreciated.


Scott Selbie, PhD
Voice and Speech Unit, NIH
Bethesda, Maryland