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Ishaq Syed
02-25-1999, 09:16 AM

I'm a junior BME/CS at Johns Hopkins University.

I have a cousin who is in a nearby high school in Cleveland, and is
looking for summer research opportunites at CWRU. He is currently an
applicant their for undergraduate work, and hopes to marticulate their
this fall.

He is a very bring kid, who lacks experience. He's very interested in
simulation work and Biomechanics and he asked me to help him find a
research position for this summer....of course i thought of Biomechl
right away :)

Any input, direction, guidance of any kind would be helpful..i will
forward him the messages. He is willing to work as a volunteer, and i
just looking to gain experience (he's one of those over achievers
that's trying to get a head start).

Thanks for your time and apperciation.

Ishaq Syed

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