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unknown user
08-21-1992, 07:14 AM
Hello Biomch-l readers,

I need some information regarding doctoral programs in mechanical engineering
in the USA. I am interested in rehabilitation robotics, powered gait orthosis
and other, similar areas.

I will be completing my Master's thesis in Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana
State University - USA, this autumn.

My thesis subject is the development of a CMAC (Cerebellar Model Arithmetic
Controller - an adaptive controller) to help the paraplegics ambulate as
closely as possible to normal humans using their upper-body EMG signals.

I would greatly appreciate any information regarding schools that are active
in these fields, and in particular about any professor or lab that would be
able to fund a doctoral student.

Thanks in advance;
eagerly awaiting your responses.....

Ramji Venkatachari
EMail : mevenk@lsuvax.sncc.lsu.edu