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02-27-1999, 01:15 AM
Motion Analysis Corporation Invites those interested to our second of six
planned 1999 Users Group meetings. This meeting will be held in conjunction with
the North American Clinical Gait and Movement Analysis 1999 Conference in
Dallas, Texas. Motion Analysis is inviting Motion Analysis users, and also
interested non-users of Motion Analysis' systems who are interested in learning
more on our technology and user actions (and feedback) towards the continuous
development of our technology.

Location of the Meeting will be at the Le Meridan Hotel, Dallas Texas
(additional details on the conference can be seen at http://www.gcmas.org)

Date of the Motion Analysis User Meeting is Thursday, March 11th 1999 From 6:00
PM to 8:30 PM; Food and beverages will be served. Therefore, an RSVP to
dan.india@motionanalysis.com is requested. (please note that the Technical
Workshop in on Wednesday, March 10th [not 9th]. at 10 am).

This year's host of the Annual North American Gait Meeting with will: Murali P
Kadaba, Ph.D. Vice President of Strategic Planning: Biomechanics Group and
Rebecca Stine, MS Application Engineering Biomechanics Group. (both with Motion
Analysis Corporation).

The meeting will be turned over to Dr. Anita Bagley Ph.D. Motion Analysis
Laboratory Director at the Shiners Hospital for Children: Sacramento Unit who
will chair the meeting for discussion and user's interactions. Murali, Rebecca
and I will be in attendance to answer Motion Analysis technical questions and
the corporation's position on the related topics of user interests.

Topics for discussion will be:

* Motion Analysis new 3D Passive Marker Real-time system (No more tracking!)
* Gait Marker sets and 6 degree of freedom sets for upper body limb segments
* Database management, data collaboration and user feedback
* User (industry) research and actions
* Customer software, hardware and service items
* Release of OrthoTrak 4.1 Gait Software and its features
* Release of EVa 5.2 and its features (with the Segro Modeling enhancement)
* Users ideas for actions
* Social intervention
* Other ______________________________________ Please provide!

Our next users group meting will be at the American College of Sports Medicine
meeting in Seattle, Washington USA and in conjuction with the ACSM -
Biomechanics section meeting (May 99) Other meetings and workshops are planned
for: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Aug 99 with the ISB meeting, Heidelberg, Germany
with the ESMAC meeting

For further information to these meetings and your RSVP, please contact me at
the following:


Quick references:



Motion Analysis Corporation
Daniel India, Vice President
3617 Westwind Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA

Cell Phone/Pager: +847-778-4949
HQ Tel: 707-579-6500 Direct 847-945-1411
HQ Fax 707-526-0629 Direct 847-945-1442

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