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Rodger Kram
02-27-1999, 03:48 AM
This weeks Literature categories: NEURO-, ORTHOPEDIC, MUSCLE, LOCOMOTION,

Rodger Kram
UC Berkeley


Prentice, S. D.; Patla, A. E.; Stacey, D. A.
Simple artificial neural network models can generate basic muscle
activity patterns for human locomotion at different speeds.
Experimental Brain Research, v.123, n.4, (1998. Dec.): 474-480.

Kim, Nam-Gyoon; Turvey, M. T.
Visually perceiving heading on circular and elliptical paths.
Journal of Experimental Psychology Human Perception and Performance,
v.24, n.6, (1998. Dec.): 1690-1704.

Nicol, A. U.; Brown, M. W.; Horn, G.
Neural encoding of subject-object distance in a visual recognition system.
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Gillies, G. T.; Broaddus, W. C.; Stenger, J. M.; Taylor, A. G.
A biomechanical model of the craniomandibular complex and cervical spine
based on the inverted pendulum.
Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, v.22, n.6, (1998.
Nov.-Dec.): 263-269.

Wang, Xiadu; Shanbhag, Arun S.; Rubash, Harry E.; Agrawal, C. Mauli.
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canine bone. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, v.44, n.4, (1999.
March 15): 456-460.

Carpenter, James E.; Flanagan, Colleen L.; Thompoulos, Stavros; Yian,
Edward H.; Soslowsky, Louis J.
The effects of overuse combined with intrinsic or extrinsic alterations
in an animal model of rotator cuff tendinosis.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v.26, n.6, (1998. Nov.-Dec.):801-807.

Mohammed, Khalid D.; Sonnabend, David H.; Goldberg, Jerome A.; Hutabarat,
Simon; Walker, Peter; Walsh, William R.
Biomechanical performance of Bankart repairs in a human cadaveric shoulder
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v.26, n.6, (1998. Nov.-Dec.):831-835.

Vathana, Pongsak; Prasartritha, Thavat.
A biomechanic study of the surgical repair technique of pars defect in
Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, v.81, n.11, (1998.
Nov.): 824-829.

Ma, Peter X.; Langer, Robert.
Morphology and mechanical function of long-term in vitro engineered
cartilage. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, v.44, n.2, (1999. Feb.):

Puttlitz, Christian M.; Goel, Vijay K.; Pope, Malcolm H.
Biomechanical testing sequelae relevant to spinal fusion and
Orthopedic Clinics of North America, v.29, n.4, (1998. Oct.): 571-589.

Lindenhayn, K.; Perka, C.; Spitzer, R.-S.; Heilmann, H.-H.; Pommerening,
K.; Mennicke, J.; Sittinger, M. Retention of hyaluronic acid in alginate
beads: Aspects for in vitro
cartilage engineering. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, v.44, n.2,
(1999. Feb.):


Kinoshita, Aki; Senda, Shoichi; Mizushige, Katsufumi; Masugata, Hisashi;
Sakamoto, Seiji; Kiyomoto, Hideyasu; Matsuo, Hirohide.
Evaluation of acoustic properties of the live human smooth-muscle cell
using scanning acoustic microscopy.
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, v.24, n.9, (1998. Nov.): 1397-1405.


Wank, V.; Frick, U.; Schmidtbleicher, D.
Kinematics and electromyography of lower limb muscles in overground and
treadmill running. International Journal of Sports Medicine, v.19, n.7,
(1998. Oct.):

Lee, Cynthia R.; Farley, Claire T.
Determinants of the center of mass trajectory in human walking and running.
Journal of Experimental Biology, v.201, n.21, (1998. Nov.): 2935-2944.

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Early walking in the neonatal rat: A kinematic study.
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Buxton, Richard B.; Wong, Eric C.; Frank, Lawrence R.
Dynamics of blood flow and oxygenation changes during brain activation:
The balloon model.
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Noordzij, J. Pieter; Perrault, Donald F.; Woo, Peak.
Biomechanics of combined arytenoid adduction and medialization
laryngoplasty in an ex vivo canine model.
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, v.119, n.6, (1998. Dec.):634-642.

Krantz, Grover S.
Evolution of the human pelvis.
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Goosey, V. L.; Campbell, I. G.
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Wertheim, A. H.
Working in a moving environment.
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of the human body to vibration stress. Medical & Biological Engineering &
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Rasmussen, D. Tab; Conroy, Glenn C.; Simons, Elwyn L.
Tarsier-like locomotor specializations in the oligocene primate Afrotarsius.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America, v.95, n.25, (1998. Dec.): 14848-14850.

Chen, Xingbin; Chen, Hao.
The influence of alveolar structures on the torsional strain field in a
gorilla corporeal cross-section.
Journal of Human Evolution, v.35, n.6, (1998. Dec.): 611-633.

Westneat, Mark W.; Hale, Melina E.; McHenry, Matthew J.; Long, John H.,.
Mechanics of the fast-start: Muscle function and the role of
intramuscular pressure in the escape behavior of Amia calva and
Polypterus palmas.
Journal of Experimental Biology, v.201, n.22, (1998. Nov.): 3041-3055.

West, Jordan M.
The dual role of sclerites in a gorgonian coral: Conflicting functions
of support and defence.
Evolutionary Ecology, v.12, n.7, (1998. Oct.): 803-821.

Martin, J.; Avery, R. A.
Effects of tail loss on the movement patterns of the lizard,
Psammodromus algirus.
Functional Ecology, v.12, n.5, (1998. Oct.): 794-802.

Carrano, Matthew T.
Locomotion in non-avian dinosaurs: Integrating data from hindlimb
kinematics, in vivo strains, and bone morphology.
Paleobiology, v.24, n.4, (1998. Fall): 450-469.

Audet, Alexandra M.
Behavior of the tayra, Eira barbara (Carnivora: Mustelidae) in captivity.
Zoologische Garten, v.68, n.5, (1998. Sept.): 300-320.

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