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Brian David Labudde
02-28-1999, 08:08 AM
This message, about leaning in a sprint finish, was posted to the track
and field mailing list. Does anybody want to share the real answer.
Please reply to t-and-f@lists.uoregon.edu.

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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 18:22:25 -0500
From: Bruce Berry
To: t-and-f@lists.uoregon.edu
Subject: t-and-f: Leaning at the line

To all you "EXPERTS",

Just a question for those of you who write/mail to this list
and feel/know that YOUR philosophy is correct. After the 60MH race
in ATL, Reggie T. said that his left arm extends at the finish
because he was taught that extending the arm extends the torso, :) !

WOW, that's quite contrary to what you narrow minded, "sprinter hater",
only care about distance events think, huh?

Is his way more efficient? Or is the "traditional" way of throwing
your hands back better?

Yes it's me JJ!


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